Tuesday Update for MusicVoter & AtomCollectorRecords.com - $0.56 100% Upvote

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MusicVoter Update

The increased prices on the crypto exchanges due to some nice volume coming in has started to be reflected in the upvote $ value so it's starting to look healthy again!


AtomCollectorRecords.com Update

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Choon have now launched their token sale and we are seeing a lot of new sign ups using AtomCollectorRecords.com to get their tracks heard. If you are not on Choon we would recommend it!

Today on AtomCollectorRecords.com

Earn $INDIE (tradable on Bitshares) listening to SoundCloud tracks.

Radio Evolved Catchup

In case you missed it in yesterday's post here is the catchup for last Sunday's show:

If you would like your music played on the show then head on over to our Discord

Radio Evolved is a new hybrid radio show which airs exclusively live on DLive. Sign up for DLive below and join us for an interactive radio show like no other every Sunday at 20:00 UTC.


AtomCollectorRecords.com helps independent musicians in multiple ways:

You can sign up even if you are not a musician and still earn by following the instructions in the box on the main music player page.



Do you want to EARN CURATION REWARDS AUTOMATICALLY and help independent musicians? HERE'S HOW

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@MusicVoter is part of the Atom Collector Records family
Add dsound, DTube, Choon, Musicoin, BandCamp, Spotify, YouTube + more, get more fans and earn $INDIE!

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