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RE: Intra-Jurisdictional Blockchains

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I agree with your words and am confident in the amazing potentials that lies in the aforementioned Cryptos in your post
Plus I had equally pondered in past about what becomes of the decentralized community and Cryptos if Government should shut it down
I believe I am well informed now
EOS is my favourite though😀😀😀
Would dig deep about bitshares...Hope to get some tokens of BTS


Thanks. This is a growth area in the BitShares Dynasty (BitShares, Steemit, EOS, et. al.) I think. Especially since over 80% of all blockchain transactions happen there.

nation states are gonna die soon.So hell with their fucking regulations backed by vested interests and smelly corruption. Cryptos will accelerate the inevitable process. No nation state on Earth will be able to match a space-based space-faring ever-expanding empire-building civilization that will emerge soon out of the global crypto movement. We are building the infrastructure for that here: and here: But we respect experienced people like you. Autonomous weapons(Unmanned weapons?) are gonna be the new trend from now onwards.

90000 people on telegram nobody talking, starcash blockchain is secret, yet you are giving discounts of up to 80% to buy orc for 5 million $. No identities showing but you are adviser is co creator of Ethereum.... video links are connected to wrong video’s..... Located in Swiss, yet the way Ren (advisor) pm’s me and writes to me, is of indian nature.

Make up your own mind people about

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