Bitshares Chinese Community Daily 20180122 -- AEX remove bitusd and list USDT

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Two pieces of information:


  1. AEX will remove bitusd market and list USDT market on Jan 24, 2018 (
    AEX 会在1月24日移除bitusd市场,增加USDT市场。(
  2. laomao, CEO of BigOne (previous yunbi), posted a new article about his visit with Giancarlo, CFO of Bitfinex and Tether. As a previous sketpic of USDT, laomao confirmed there are 1.8 billion USD in tether account and 1.1+ billion usd in Bitfinex. And BigOne will also list USDT market soon. source:
  • 老猫发表新文章,关于他和Bitfinex首席财务官Giancarlo的见面。Giancarlo向他展示了tether和Bitfinex的账  号情况,打消了老猫之前的疑虑。BigOne交易所也将上线USDT市场交易对。

Personal analysis: 


  1. Reason why AEX remove bitusd. 为什么AEX移除bitusd交易对
  • Firstly, compared to bitcny market, the volume of bitusd market is not so high since many of its users are Chinese.  
  • 首先,AEX bitusd交易对的成交量不高,用户更多是中国人,习惯在bitcny交易市场交易。
  • Secondly and most important, the crypto market is not stable recently and price of BTS fell down a lot which affected the supply of bitassets. And Black Swan Event almost happened to bitusd last week. The critical shortage of bitassets bring liquidity problems to CEX. It causes a situation that people have sufficient fiat fund and willingness to buy the cheaper alt coins while they have to pay a much higher fees to buy bitcny. Exg last week, 1 bitcny = 1.2 fiat cny, which cost 20% extra fee.
  • 第二也是最重要的一点,最近数字货币市场波动巨大,BTS下跌厉害,严重影响了锚定货币的供应。上周bitusd资产甚至几乎发生黑天鹅事件。锚定货币的急缺带给交易所流动性的问题。它导致了人们有充足的法币并愿意抄底的时候,需要首先支付高额的手续费来购买锚定货币。例如上周,1 bitcny等于1.2人民币,即20% 手续费。
  1. But the good point is AEX still keeps bitcny and will list BTS/USDT in the first batch. The new fiat channel will also help stabilize BTS price. As the most friendly CEX to bitassets in China, AEX will consider add BTS-based trade pairs in the future also.但好的一点是,AEX会保留bitcny市场和首先增加BTS/USDT交易对。新的法币通道可以帮助稳定BTS价格。作为国内对BTS锚定货币最友好的交易所,AEX同时也考虑在未来增加BTS基础的交易对。

Finally, it is the photo of Zhaodong (founder of Dfund Capital), laomao and Giancarlo in Tokyo, Japan. 

![屏幕快照 2018-01-23 上午8.28.59.png]()


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