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RE: STEEM exchange that almost always have Deposits and Withdrawals Working

in #bitshares4 years ago (edited) also works...why no one know this market? Second time I have to write the link in a kind of same theme post... Talking about alternatives to Polo and Bittrex...

With Blocktrades you do not even need to make a user, it is like Shapeshift.

Hope this help many new people and I think I will do a post about it...

Edit: Self up-voted just for visibility so more people can see it


blocktrades is an exchanger not a market

Well if you just need to change Steems or SBDs to BTC or whatever coin you want it is perfect. I though that was the idea of the post, looking for places to exchange Steems or SBD... but If what you want is to play in the market yes, you should use one of the markets in the post...

Edit: And since a long time is the only one with the Steem or SBD wallet online all the time.

I see your point. In the title he did say exchanges. Based on the chart at the end I think he meant market but who knows.

Also literally, the basement of @blocktrades house was the place where Steemit was born, they were one of the first to help in the development of Steemit. I knew this in the Steemfest 1 ;) So I will use it as much as I can normally.

Yes, it is very good, but with exchanges you can get better prices if you have time.

Yes, this is true... But many of the Steemit user do not want to play in exchanges, they just want to have the fiat or the BTC after getting the Steems or SBDs rewards... it is a fast, easy and "anonymous" way to do it ;)

Indeed, you are right about that!

I saw it and totally agree! Easiest way to do it!

Blocktrades has my vote for reliability.

it is powered by bitshares and built into it actually so it's quite similar.

Blocktrades is down too, and most people know about it....... it is the absolute worst way to do an exchange, terribly inconsistent rates. Bitshare Dex ftw

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