Bitshares about to stabilize . Hurry up and buy.

in bitshares •  11 months ago

At the time of writing, 19:12 UTC, i think , there had been going a prolonged market manipulation, in bitshares, with some guy/s lowering and lowering more and more the value. Since it seems it isnt going to go any lower than this, and the dude has lowered his BitUSD funds quite a bit, i heavily recommend anyone who wants to buy it to buy it now.

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ive been watching the sell orders too, really odd it's been like 100 million sold at the .17-.19 range and now there aren't any more sales.

why would people sell that much off at the obvious bottom unless they were manipulating?

if those same 100 million get rebought all the way up now, then what?

or is the goal to destabilize in general? hard to think they thought they were getting the most for their money to sell at that time.