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RE: GRAVITY.IO - Graphene Project Review #2

in #bitshares5 years ago

Very good review. I think half-assed ico's/projects/forks will shake in their boots from now on dreading a thorough review from APAsia. I'm looking forward to the next one. Or maybe they'll get their act together and not cut corners 🙄😏🤣


Don't be too harsh my friend and look at it this way - Most of them are legit projects. Reason for these kind of reviews is one and one only:

If a person coming from SME with 12 years in Telco ( CEO of - @britcoins ) can't wrap his head around the blockchain offer and explanation for business/enterprise use... Yeah, they need to polish up.

Cheers :)

Fair enough DL. Umm.......Oh no, have I become jaded??? 😞 lol. I guess so.

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