Should the Bitshares committee surrender overreaching MPA permissions?

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Currently, the 'smartcoin' market pegged assets (MPA) (such as bitUSD, bitEURO, bitCNY, etc) which are managed by the BTS committee have several MPA permissions which are slightly concerning. None of these permissions are currently active, but they have not been surrendered (so a future committee could potentially implement them).

These permissions are:

  • white_list: Accounts must be white-listed in order to hold this asset
  • override_authority: Issuer may transfer asset back to himself
  • transfer_restricted: Require the issuer to be one party to every transfer
  • disable_confidential: Allow the asset to be used with confidential transactions

The 'GRIDCOIN' MPA was the first MPA to surrender the above permissions!

I don't see any reason why the committee should maintain these inactive permissions, do you?

Remember your roots & post in the Bitsharestalk thread too:,23331.0.html


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In the event of a black swan scenario, perhaps removing the override authority will prevent easily reverting to a functioning MPA state?

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