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RE: Gets Long Awaited Face Lift

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Why not the Bitshares foundation instead of Apasia? Surely a non-profit somewhat community controlled organization is more suitable than a for-profit company?


The profit motive leads to excellence every where it is tried.
We have not had excellence at for a long time.
It's the classic tragedy of the commons.
No one wants to spend their own money on a common asset.

Others are free to build alternative web sites about BitShares.
That is the way to decentralization.
When you say that one site is "official" you are centralizing around it.
That way leads to the dark side.

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The Foundation will have its important role to play in gaining acceptance with The Powers That Be. will salute that effort without compromising the ideals we have expressed since The Fourth of July and Guy Faux Day, 2013

Honestly this move makes zero sense to me.

Apasia is very new in the Bitshares community, they're not an active committee member nor an active witness, they're a for-profit company and the community wasn't involved in this move at all.

Given that was valued at $200k, was there an exchange of money for the transfer of the most important bitshares URL?

Nope. It was a simple gift of property belonging to Cryptonomex. It made great sense to us, which is all that is required.

"They are willing to do this at zero cost or personal gain" It's naive to state that there's no personal gain for apasia with this move - owning the primary bitshares domain is massively valuable, especially the web wallet revenue streams and potential for network disruption.

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