Introducing multiple new airdrop algorithms to the Bitshares Airdrop Tool! Announcing release v0.2.80! Get airdropping!

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What is the Bitshares Airdrop Tool?

It's a recently released multi-platform application which enables anyone to perform airdrops (asset distributions) on multiple Bitshares based blockchains.

So what's changed recently?

Since the last Airdrop tool developer update, the following issues were addressed:

  • Fix the perform airdrop left card rows rendering
  • Reactivating the calculation options
  • Fixing the 'forever freebie' algo
  • Fix no airdrop asset search result bug
  • Fix some logic

More interestingly, however, several new airdrop algorithms have been introduced!

Prior to using these new algorithms, please delete and re-fetch the tickets to have the latest required ticket data for these algos.

Witness vote freebie

Airdropping onto users based on which witnesses they vote for.


Committee vote freebie

Airdropping onto users based on which committee members they have voted for.


Worker proposal vote freebie

Airdropping onto users based on which worker proposals they have voted to support.


The three newly introduced algorithms enable you to assign one ticket per vote, or assign the their vote lock weight per vote, offering you vastly different airdrop outcomes based on the voting criteria.

Airdrop NFTs, collected fees, etc onto your supporters!

Witnesses and committee members who have not yet created a vote lock ticket will only show as an account ID in the drop down multi select components, so if you're serious about your intent to be a witness or committee member get creating vote lock tickets already!

What do you want to see from the Bitshares airdrop tool next?

Do you have any plans for future airdrops on Bitshares based blockchains? Do tell in the comments below!

These developments were brought to you by the NFTEA Gallery.
Consider collecting an NFTEA NFT to support continued Bitshares developments.

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