Hertz 42% activated! 4 more Bitshares witnesses to go! More Hertz related updates!

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Hertz 42% activated! 4 more witnesses to go!

I've been posting regular updates regarding the Hertz Algorithm Based Asset & I'm happy to announce we've hit 42% activation thanks to our 3rd active witness:

Sahkan-Bitshares !

A massive shout out to Sahkan-Bitshares! sahkan reached out to me in one of the past Hertz updates posts and has begun publishing price feeds for Hertz using Wackou's BTS Tools!

You can see the current price feed publishers on CryptoFresh at the bottom of the page.

Don't be alarmed by the difference in price feeds being reported, as time progresses and we attract the interest of more witnesses we'll iron out the issues. Currently, @roelandp is providing the most accurate price feeds.

Wackou price feed update!

Wackou recently merged pull request #36 into the master branch of the BTS Tools repo. If you're using BTS Tools to publish price feeds, please update to the latest version.

New Hertz developments?

Reference Hertz price feed HUG API

Similar to last week, I've updated the Bitshares HUG REST API, this time improving the reference Hertz price feed function to show each witnesses published price feed data compared to my unofficial reference price feed data.

Hertz testnet development

I've created a TESTNET Bitshares HUG REST API, it's not fully functional and it has issues relating to the lack of active reference market pegged assets on the public Bitshares testnet.

The reference hertz price feed script won't work in testnet as it references the USD value through Bitshares & testnet does not have an active USD testnet, so it'll require modification to retrieve this data externally (either via BTS HUG REST API or a prod bitshares instance.

I've created the 'Hertz' market pegged asset on the testnet network & enabled witnesses as price feed publishers. If you're a Bitshares witness, why not try publishing on testnet too?

Hertz Google Site

I've updated the Hertz Google Site, it now displays disclaimers and identifies areas of risk. Everyone should read the full disclaimer prior to using Hertz.

Transfer of 'Hertz' ownership

I transfered ownership from my 'Customminer' Bitshares account to 'Hertz-aba'. I did this so that I could use new UI functionality not currently present in OpenLedger AND because I wanted to keep my personal Bitshares accounts separate from the Hertz asset owner for increased security.

Eventually, it would be ideal if I could transfer ownership to the committee so as to further decentralize Hertz.

Bitshares-UI bugs reported

  • Issue #1024 - "Added smartcoin feed producers removed from list on tab switch." - a mildly annoying UI glitch.
  • Issue #1025 - "Exceeded maximum price feed publishers? " - I tried switching from "Active witnesses only" for price feed publishers, to manually selecting witnesses to trust price feeds from. I found that it's currently impossible to add more than 10 price feed publishers for a smartcoin manually, but it's possible to have more than this using the witness option? Strange..

Are you a Bitshares witness?

Please begin publishing price feeds for the HERTZ algorithm based asset.

I have sent private messages to most active witnesses via Bitsharestalk, or I have posted in your Bitsharestalk witness threads.

Need more info?

Example Python snippet

hz_reference_timestamp = pendulum.parse(reference_timestamp).timestamp() # Retrieving the Bitshares2.0 genesis block timestamp
hz_period = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * period_days
hz_phase = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * phase_days
hz_waveform = math.sin(((((current_timestamp - (hz_reference_timestamp + hz_phase))/hz_period) % 1) * hz_period) * ((2*math.pi)/hz_period)) # Only change for an alternative HERTZ ABA.
hz_value = reference_asset_value + ((amplitude * reference_asset_value) * hz_waveform)

Properties of Hertz (Hz):

  • Amplitude: 14% (NOT 33% nor 50% - It was changed to 14% for the first HERTZ asset).
  • Period: 28 days.
  • Daily price feed change: 2% per day.
  • Max price feed rate: $1.14
  • Min price feed rate: $0.86

Smartcoin settings:

  • Maintenance collateral ratio (MCR): 200%
  • Maximum short squeeze ratio (MSSR): 110%
  • Max feed lifetime: 1440
  • Delay for forced settlements (minutes): 720
  • Percent offset of forced settlements: 1%
  • Min number of feeds: 7

Price feed scripts:


Consider joining the HERTZ Telegram channel!

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