BlockTrades bridge once again functioning in the BitShares wallet

in bitshares •  3 months ago  (edited)

We recently got a report of a problem with the functioning of the Blocktrades bridge on BitShares (this is a service that supports buy/selling of Bitshares and external coins directly from the BitShares wallet).

The problem turned out to be that our API was returning some data that wasn't understood by the BitShares wallet code, but this additional data didn't negatively affect our own web site (

We've resolved the problem by modifying the results of the API to avoid confusing the BitShares wallet UI, as the additional information wasn't used by our own web site either. So at this point, the bridge is once again fully functional within the BitShares wallet.

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Good News. I was having to just use to buy my bitshares instead of just sending inside the program.

do you have a program where you give big upvotes to regular blocktrade users?


to help offset the cost of fees for users without lowering your income

Thanks for always being up and prompt on technical issues such as this.


Greetings, I take this opportunity to thank you for your support


Greetings, I take this
Opportunity to thank
You for your support

                 - equipodelta

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Great news !!!

Thank God they could solve the problem. Greetings with love.

It's a great news

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Good news.

We had ned talk about the Worker proposal stuff on MSP radio today, and i think its time @blocktrades just does a soundcloud or youtube radio updatyye or maybe blocktrades news, Man you guys would be perfect place to start reporting on all the updates, or not whatever man

thanks for the new updates


I would have joined today, but I was traveling, so it wasn't possible.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

hey ontop of the option to add option to blocktrades to allow Ghanian cedi, and also ability to add paypal option via cpoinbase, and also the ability to select the option of a prepaid debit card fil up OR even a CHECK in the MAIL, sen to an address from your steem on i have a much simpler suggestion can simply add a simple bit of code to automatically send converted bitcoin from steem over to this website bitrefill for gift cards which has just added all these new cards you can buy with BTC, (Also Gyft is a site that lets you buy a lot of gift cards with bitcoin) so if you do the work of converting the steem to bitcoin for them, which is what you already do, well you could just add an option for selecting gift cards to cash out your steem into, under bitcoin, and then under gift cards you select which one, then that info is sent to bitrefill, and the bitcoin from their steem is sent to bitrefill, the card is retrieved, maybe you can take a cut from the transaction AND bitrefill, but they may not even need to know, because as far as they care youre just referring customers...

tldr: could add gift cards using this service, or gyft, and get their steem turned into gift cards since they accept bitcoin and you can take care of that service for people with some probably simple bit of code. Blocktrades offering Gift cards for Steem is gonna be a great accomplishment.... we wont have to pay high rates liek with paywithsteem, because the gift cards dont cost much, also accepts bitcoin for buying things on amazon and i believe gives you a discount for using bitcoin, and converting $100 to amazxon with blocktrades would be great and get you mro ethan $100 even with the fee, because of discount

That's good news. It will allow us to carry out the purchase / sale process in a simpler way.

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are you guys planning for new coins on blocktrades possibly in future?


second this.


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Very lovely @blocktrades :D
Steem is not the same without your services.
Keep it up Sir.

Hey @blocktrades,
I know you do a lot of good things for the steemit community.
But you (indirectly) support the "Anonymous Steemit Victims Defence League" = downvoting bots doing stupid things. It looks like they and their supporter(s) bought/borrowed delegation from your service.
Do you have a sort of blacklist? If so, could you add them?
(e.g.: camillesucknuts, kennyboobs, etc.)


Hello. I wanted to say thank you for the 6.30 STU upvote. It's incredibly generous of you, and is very much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed my writing :)

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Thank you again :)

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Wow great post.thanks for sharing this post.