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RE: Gets Long Awaited Face Lift

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I have nothing against, but I think you should have gifted it to the foundation. Hell, I think most of us would have supported a WP allowing you to receive fair market value for the domain. This whole post looks like a kid put it together. I don't think I'll ever understand what motivates you. You jump from project to project, everything halfway done. I hope sees the merit in continued planning throught the foundation. With the latest core initiative, we now have a fully funded UI and CORE team. All we need is marketing to have a leader at this point.


You are correct in saying that what motivates me is complex.
Most people have no idea the factors I must take into account.
Sometimes we must take a rather circuitous route to our objectives.
...and "no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy."

One of the lessons my granddaddy taught me is that you plant more seeds than you need because many of them will not even sprout. There's an old farmer's saying:

One for the worm,
One for the crow,
One to rot,
And one to grow!

Check out Doc Brown's science lab sometime...

Or remember James Bond visiting Q's lab...

Yeah, it's pretty much like that.


You are like Dr. Seuss without a book deal.