Guys, we need to talk Passwords. Again.

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Due to the immense raise of BitShares price, we're flooded with tons of support requests.
A fair chunk of it consisting of "BUT MY PASSWORD DOESN'T WORK".

Here's the deal though



less secure, but foolproof


Use automatic passwords and let it store them for you.

For important passwords like BitShares (money) add the following:

  • 2 FA Lastpass
  • Edit the Password entry:

That way you're required to enter your master password every time you want to use it. A bit more work, but worth it. Do it



  • Open a New Database and add your password.
  • Use an USB Stick as 2nd backup, in case your Computer goes boom

Sound simple?

It is very simple, but unfortunately for some, not simple enough to follow.


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cryptomator + cloudhost + keepass is excellent as well, but a bit more complicated.



that's what exactly i'm doing!!! Wow great choice man. The next thing i need is google drive to onedrive / vice versa sync. No ifttt works to do that at the moment since both of those services are designated receivers. Do you have any recommendations for cloning sync backups? Thanks

You can also store a KeePass DB in cloud storage for synchronization across multiple devices, and as long as you have a strong password it is secure. You can further improve security by going to the database settings, and increasing the number of transformations necessary to derive the master key from your password. This will make your DB harder to brute force, but will also increase the amount of time it takes to open and save.
If you don't trust cloud storage providers, you can self host a Nextcloud or Seafile instance for your file-sync - or use syncthing, which is serverless.


cryptomator + dropbox + keepassX does work very good

Yup, people should be aware about good password management.

Or simply remember it. Using the software regularly does wonders for the memory. It's also addictive, so beware.

Great nice post



This is in line with some of the things we have discussed recently, I tried to msg you last nite too, but here is this post just done now, it is pretty solid.....if you can spare the larger UV to get it in frt of more people, I think this fits your values...

Here is my latest example of trying to help, related to past Poloniex help/warnings, would really appreciate a large vote on this. -- if possible...



Where did you try to message me at? I've been on Discord primarily lately.

Will give 'er a check!

· --

I tried with the BTS news to reach you quickly but never a reply, so that is why I have found your wife to be VERY reliable LOL!!!

If #FartyCat had a Steemit acct, I would also channel msgs there as I am feline they would def. also get to you that way hahahaha @kotturinn

Followed , upvoted

Better safe than sorry. In crypto, theres no thing as too many precautions.
Keep your passwords and private keys safe. In a few places. Written in paper.

You never know...

Thanks for the update @ash !!

Password Safe with Yubikey (2FA).
Cryptomator + MEGA works great too.
KeepassX and Lastpass are good managers.
TeamDrive or SpiderOak or Seafile/Seacloud are great private Linux friendly cloud solutions - but Zoolz Intelligent, pCloud and Crashplan should not be missed in the category they all are excellent providers .
Interesting: According to Kevin Mitnick in his latest book on the Art of Invisibility recommends complex passwords of at least 25 characters or more...

I use Roboform

Thanks for the valuable information about passwords that I was clueless about. You really made me rethink about my passwords and I'm going explore the 2 options, especially KeePass X and backing up with a USBdrive.


Check my comment for ways to synchronize your KeePass DB across multiple devices.

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