BitShares: How to Buy BitShares on Binance

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This is an easy guide for buyers (non-traders), how I actually do it.

Only got USD, EUR or other Fiat?

We need Bitcoin to buy BitShares on Binance.


Send Bitcoin to Binance

Click Here to open an Account

  1. Click Funds - Deposits Withdrawals
  2. Search for BTC
  3. Click Deposit

Send your Uphold-stored Bitcoin to this address.

Buy BitShares


  1. Select Market
  2. Click 100% if you want to convert all Bitcoin to BitShares
  3. Click Buy BTS


  1. Click Funds - Deposits Withdrawals
  2. Search for BTS
  3. Click Withdraw

  1. You can enter whatever in this field, it just a label
  2. Enter your BitShares Account Name
    2.1 Click Here to register one!
  3. Select NO MEMO
  4. Click Max if you want to withdraw all
  5. Click Submit

That's it!

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Excellent guide, resteemed, thank you!

This is one of the most straight forward and easy to follow tutorial I have came across on this subject so far, thanks a LOT for it all! GREAT JOB!!!

Namaste :)

is bts cheaper on binance compared to DEX?


I think so you can check the price of BTS here in or Good Luck!!

Thanks for sharing. I bought Bitshare ,BNB , NEO @ Binance Exchange also. So far very good. Love it !They have a tons of promising coin to trade. 0.1%fee I think It's better than bittrex & Poloniex.

I research a lot about Binance before i trade here. New trader should read this Binance Review Good Luck!!!


If you use BNB tokens for the fees you can save 50% of the amount. For details check out my Binance Review

Good post

I've been trading for months and now can say to you that one of the best exchanges now is Binance ( which offers great set of cryptos and first of all is one of the few markets for the crypto star IOTA:)

The most important pros:
*great list of pairs
*very deep order book
*very good level of security
*Japanese background

The process of buying any coin on Binance is same right? Is there anything special about BTS??

Thanks for that. I didn'tknw binace. Time to buy just now. Bitshares can't go down much lower.

Why then you wouln'd advise taking a bitshares online wallet?


Today with the drop in the market. It is a great time to step in and purchase a gems at a discounted price.