BitShares Hangout: Discord Tips

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BTS hangout will be held on our Discord this Saturday, here are some tips on how to join, and setup your client.

As a bonus, we'll run a 100 BEYONDBIT (sponsored by @officialfuzzy) lottery during the hangout for you to join. Winner will be drawn at the end.


Discord works via Browser, Desktop App or Mobile App.

To join simply click:

The Hangout

Chat: #beyondbitcoin
Audio: hangout


  1. Manual Voice Activation/Mute
  2. Manual Deafen/Undeafen
  3. Settings

Click Settings

  • You can setup 2FA unter My Account
  • Make sure to setup Push-to-talk in order to not disturb the talk.


During the hangout, in #beyondbitcoin channel, you can type m.lottery enter to enter the BEYONDBIT Raffle.

Let me know if you got any questions here or in discord.

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Nice institutions. I had to figure ot out on my own.

Excellent tips fav :)

I'm going to try and be there @ash, thanks! What time does this happen?

Saturday, 2 PM UTC

hello @ash, thanks for your post and intro of this event!
I translated it into chinese to share with #cn community, so more ppl will join it!

Thanks for sharing with us :)

Beyond bitcoin

That's some initiative steps. Its time to join with you guys through the discord channel.

sure! :)

already i joined the channel but my bad luck is that the lottery is over and i had to wait for saturday. :(

lottery will be only on Saturday during the hangout

Wow! Thanks for this post! Nice tip! Hope that you'll kept on posting like this sir? FOLLOWED and UPVOTED!😊

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

Great work, re-steemed it, thank you fav! :)

Just heard about bitshares myself. Kinda funny how I have been learning about cryptocurrency and just now found about it lol. May have to do some invedting in small ones.

Thank's for the update!

Aha that's why I didn't win ;)

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