BitShares TESTNET release test-2.0.180510 新测试版本发布

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New HARD FORK release for BitShares Open Public TestNet is out, version test-2.0.180510.

Hard fork time is scheduled at Sat, 19 May 2018 13:58:00 UTC.

Testnet nodes please upgrade, ALL PEOPLE please help test.

Mainnet release will be published after test is done, estimated date is around Tue, 12 June.

Consensus changes:

Non-consensus changes and other info to be updated.



These consistent updates is just what makes bitshares exceptional. Keep up

I have gone to read about this before but i will look into it to make sure that i invest

Can't wait for the mainnet release! Cool! So @abit, I don't suppose you might consider taking a break and checking out my Steemit community project would you? :D It's a good idea (I think)... I haven't tried appealing to whales 'til recently as I have been trying to get organic growth, but no luck yet. Been around Steemit for a year. Here's a link to The EN community's recent blog on Steemit: Would really appreciate any help. Like what you're doing! Keep it up! Cheers.

It's like i'm missing something out on bitshare.
I don't know, would love to learn so much about it.

Wow, you're on a roll with all these BSIPs! These will be great for Bitshares!


This is the commitment required to continually push BitShares to another level. Thank you.

Bitshares is getting up the ladder.... I must say it's producing great results; with this, the future looks bright

thanks for sharing

這次的改版 改了什麼東西??? 看了好久沒看懂 求科普


THank you so much for your support and come to see me again. hope you everything going well !! @abit more..... ~~~ ;)


thanks for sharing a good infomative post....