Bitcoin is staying at the $4,000 to $3800 range

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As of January 3, 2019, Bitcoin is staying at the $4,000 to $3800 range. Unlike the stock market, the mood seems to be flowing in a good direction. Ethereum is seeing a 80% rise in the lowest standards in line with Ethereum's critical schedule. With the arrival of Constantinople's hard-fork schedule, the demand for the stocks has increased and the oversolding has been combined, which is why it has shown a huge increase. In the chart, the four-hour long-term horizontal reverse arrangement has also been changed to a regular layout. So the price flow is also going up. But as we don't have a big catalyst for the perfect climb yet, we need to pay more attention to the situation.

Today I'd like to talk to you about the newly listed portfolio coins at Bitscoin. It’s IAN Coin. Currently listed on the coinxchange and the crex24 cryptocurrency exchange. IAN Coin is available on a shared intellectual property platform.
At present, unclear values and theft problems are occurring frequently in intellectual property. Platforms such as Naver and Wikipedia are in a situation where systems such as direct value provision and compensation plans are ambiguous to those who share intellectual property directly and use it. The advantage of the IAN platform is that these values can be re-established and the correct value for intellectual property is placed on the market itself, so that buyers and sellers who want intellectual property can also assign the appropriate value to themselves. And since data is written to blocks because of the nature of the block chain, it seems that we can always resolve any conflict or problem with intellectual property. And the good thing is that through the IAN community, an autonomous ecosystem is formed, and there is an autonomous distribution between the constructor and the users in terms of advertising and other revenue.
The IAN coins are seen as POS via the masternode method. Masternode is a full node with a certain amount of equity. The advantage of the master node method is that it is given more rewards than the traditional POS method. Also, IAN Coin has adopted the TIER method, which uses the three masternodes method, so it's interesting that the reward system is composed in a variety of ways. Depending on the number of coins that make up the master node, there will be different compensation. It says that They can do TPS radically fast through hypernode protocol, but it seems that they're working on it. It's interesting to see a system where the platform naturally growing by user's movement and the resulting advertising revenue is generated by users. IAN Coin will liting on additional cryptocurrency exchanges and a global user interface, the company is growing into a global platform not only available in Korea but also around the world, so it's worth watching.