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Some more cheesy videos! Daily Profit returns

in bitconnect •  2 years ago

Excellent question, I dont have an answer why there are no losing days. However on days where there is no volatility, there is zero interest payments. In many ways its behaving like the VIX. WIth bitconnect you are essentially giving them bitcoin to make money from and locking your funds for a defined time. My view is that as long as bitcoin goes up they make huge profits from this. There is also arbitrage - where the price of bitconnect that you pay for on their exchange is always a little higher than what is publicly shown, so there are differences everywhere you look at it. Lemme put it this way, when I first put money in bitconnect, the price was around 36-38 dollars...its now at 92. if i simply invested my money in bitconnect alone and did not use their trading platform...i actually would have made more money...because the price has gone up 2.5 times return is around 50%. This is the only factor that makes me feel that they can afford giving the returns that they have been.their interest rates are gradually declining since they started this program. this system will be put to the ultimate test when bitcoin's price goes down over a period of 3-6 months.

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Thank you for this great answer. I believe I understand the essentials behind Bitconnect now!