Metamask Integration. Book Your Tokens Now!

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Today we’ve come one step closer to the BitcoLoan Protocol launch. We want to talk about an important event – Metamask integration.

Right now you can book BITCOLOAN Tokens on Metamask from your Dashboard. All you need is a browser with the installed Metamask extension and some Ethereum.

Let’s check it out.

You can book tokens on your Metamask account. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

How to set up a Metamask wallet

  1. Download the Metamask extension for your browser
  2. Create an account
  3. Buy Ethereum there or use some other wallet to top up the balance

How to book the token on Metamask

  1. Go to the “Token” section in your dashboard
  2. Click on “Add Token”
  3. Your Metamask will be activated with added token search
  4. Click on “Book Token”
  5. Set the token amount on the following page
  6. Metamask will create the transaction
  7. Click on “Accept” and your tokens will be booked
  8. You’ve successfully booked the token. After that, a timer will be set in your dashboard.
  9. Once the time is over, you will be able to claim your tokens.

Once the timer expires

  1. Click on the “Claim” button
  2. Metamask will create the transaction
  3. You will have to pay the Ethereum transaction fee

Once the transaction is processed, the tokens will be transferred to your account

If you have any questions or difficulties, contact us via live chat.

Stay tuned for more interesting updates!
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