Bitcoin Hex Announcement on January 31st, 2019 (Contains Referral!)

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Received email from Richard Heart concerning notification of coming launch of BitcoinHex!
I've copied it all below for your edification and to assist in spreading this information.
Finally, my referral link! I had to figure out Metamask.


BitcoinHEX: Claim free BHX by signing statement given by the claim tool from Bitcoin wallet containing BTC in addresses starting with 1 or BC1. All unclaimed coins distributed to staked claimants over 50 weeks. (GET SATOSHI'S COINS if he doesn't claim.) You're missing 2% more of your stack every week you delay claiming, till none left at 50 weeks. Pays holders instead of miners. Bonuses: refer:20% Speed: 20% falling to 0 at week 50. Up to 20% adoption bonuses, VIRALITY: the more people that claim, and CRITICAL MASS: the more coins claimed. Only referral and speed bonuses are paid to non-stakers. Longer stakes get 0.385% extra shares per 7 days longer stake commit (20% per year.) So a 5 year longer stake gets paid 2x what a 1 year stake would. If only 1% of coins stake, then they're getting 369% ROI a year. Trustless 3.69% interest pool paid to stakers instead of miners. Emergency (early) unstake pays a 1/2 committed stake length penalty, half of which goes to loyal stakers pool, minimum 9 weeks. SILLY WHALE PENALTY of 50%-75% from 1k to 10k+ coins. (avoidable by splitting up before snapshot.) GoxMeNot: Mt. Gox and a few other undesirables excluded from claiming.


Email Content Below

It's Richard Heart. I held off mailing you all for as long as I could, there's just too much good news to wait any longer. now has 1m40s elevator pitch.

Referral program up with 6min video guide

No signup required
Just put your ETH address to
Increased ref link payout from 5% to 20%


More Telegram Channels:
Anti-spam bots in place




Our goal is to replace:

Gold as a store of value : $7.7 Trillion USD
Offshore banking : $15 Trillion USD
Credit cards/payments $770 Billion in Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal alone
Certificates for Deposit (CDs) : $571 Billion in the USA alone, on just those under $100,000

BitcoinHEX is the first high interest savings account on the Blockchain!

There's more to finance than currency! At your normal bank these are called CDs or time deposits, but they don't pay better interest if less people use them, we do! Let's replace all these middlemen with trustless interest! BitcoinHEX is a Store of Value. 369%+ ROI if only 1% of coins stake.


Being a payment network is 10x less valuable
Gold=7.7 Trillion Visa=320 Billion MasterCard=212 Billion PayPal=101 Billion
Gold is 10x more valuable than those others combined. And no one uses it to pay for their coffee.

BitcoinHEX is the first certificate of deposit on the blockchain. Trustless interest. Pay holders instead of miners. No Satoshi (if he doesn't claim in 50 weeks) or Mt.Gox dumping on you. No inflation bug possible like bitcoin has had. Unit bias fixed. Higher TPS. More distributed. Whale penalty, etc.

Dishonest stakers that unstake early pay honest stakers. Longer stake commit pays higher. Open source. No premine, no ICO, lower fees, lower inflation. Referral program. Founder is a marketing expert with an audience. Early adopters get paid extremely well.

20% Speed bonus falling to 0% over the fifty weeks. Unclaimed coins paid to stakers 2% per week for 50 weeks. Critical mass and Virality bonuses increase payouts to early stakers to cancel out desire to keep it a secret and get more unclaimed coins. Every pumpamental to lock up supply and increase adoption.

Delayed inflation also for only paid on unstake to stakers, and stakes can be very long. No trading of staked coins to increase value of unstaked coins, and chance people early unstake and pay penalty to honest stakers.
Bitcoin is 10 years old already. By the time you hear about a coin, it's already up 10x-1000x for the first in. It's easier to 100x from $10 than $6000

Stakers earn more interest when less coins are staked. Stakers earn less interest when more coins are staked. More coins staked, means lower supply available on the market, which can mean higher price.

Get people to click and you get paid 20% of any claims made. No signup required. Install metamask if you don't have an ETH address yet and want to make one.

END of Email


I believe in this project fully and I completely support Richard Heart. Check out my playlist of him here for more information about him and his perspective on crypto in general. I will be creating a post about his book Sci-Vive later. Use my referral link here if you would like to help me out!


Notes as I have gone through this process of setting up my address in getting ready to claim bitcoin hex :


BitcoinHEX Ultimate Reference Guide and FAQ :!356&app=OneNote&wd=target(!AHgXqGagZe6lals


What does the HEX in BitcoinHEX stand for?

  1. Open Source

  2. Trustless

  3. Store of Value

  4. Censorship Resistant

  5. Permissionless

  6. Immutable


How many BHX will I get?

10,000 BHX per BTC, plus speed bonus (20% first week), plus many bonuses paid only to stakers, so you should probably stake, it can multiply your stack.


If I had BTC on an exchange at the time of the fork can I still claim my BHX?

No. You must take your coins into your own possession in an address start with 1 or bc1. Even if an exchange chose to claim BitcoinHEX from their cold wallet's and hot wallet's it's very likely they couldn't because they used addresses that started with 3. And if they could, it's very likely their wallets would be over 1000 coins and be hit by the 50-75% Silly Whale Penalty.

If I have Bitcoin in long term cold storage will I need to move it to claim BitcoinHex?

You will need to have access to your private key to claim BitcoinHex, as long as you do you don't need to move your coins out of cold storage. You do need your coins in an address that starts with 1 or bc1, and you do need to put your keys or seed in a wallet that lets you sign a statement. We list tested wallets in the FAQ.

What wallets do you suggest?

Electrum, Coinomi, Ledger and Trezor are great options.

Which address do I claim from?

Any Bitcoin address you have a balance on that you wish to claim BitcoinHEX with.

Can I claim coins I buy after the snapshot?

No. Only the coins in the snapshot can claim, coins you buy after the snapshot won't be able to claim


So if I claim hex, what means do I have to store the tokens? Is there a wallet?

Any wallet that can store ERC-20 tokens works. If you want to use custom functions (staking, claiming, good accounting) you need to use metamask or other custom solutions which are harder.


What is BitcoinHEX's long term goal?

Replace gold as a store of value (7.7 Trillion USD). Replace credit card companies and payment companies like PayPal (around $770 billion in Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal alone) Replace legacy certificates for deposit ($571 Billion in the USA alone on just those under $100,000) Replace middlemen with trustless interest.

Where does BitcoinHEX get its value?

Through progress in replacing Gold as a store of value, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal as payment networks, and CD's as time deposits. The market has decided that crypto currencies are worth hundreds of billions of dollars over many years of price discovery.

Is this a scam?

No. The project is founded by respected members of the community. It is open source. The base ERC-20 contracts have been audited, the modified ERC-20 contracts will be audited. You run the code yourself. It is fairly launched, and free to claim for Bitcoin holders. You might need to pay pennies to the ETH network to pay to run your claim and attach it to the blockchain. Someone else might pay that fee for you as well.


Is this a Ponzi?

No. Ponzi make promises they can't keep and collapse. BitcoinHEX is can always pay what it owes.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No. There's only a single tier refer program for the first 50 weeks and no refer program after.

Is this an ICO?


Is this a security?

No. There is no money paid to a common pool with the expectation of profit from the work of others.


Why didn't you do this on XYZ other blockchain?

Because the chain we chose has the best auditors available, the best bug bounty program, the best development ecosystem, the longest track record, the highest market cap, the most developers of any suitable system.


Do I have to pay the Ethereum gas charge?

Yes. Each Bitcoin Hex operation is an Ethereum transaction and will require a gas fee to be paid.



Why BitcoinHEX is great

New coins only to those that have earned them!

All the cool game theory that accelerates adoption of the project terminates in less 50 weeks. After, the only new coins come from rewards to people that've taken coins out of circulation by staking.

No paying miners for security with block rewards.

No hard fork drama

No soft fork drama.

Distribution to those most likely to have been in crypto the longest

More distribution to those who participate and are part of the Hex community , no free loaders.

Easy for exchanges to integrate due to familiarity and trust of ERC20 standard.

Works with distributed exchanges easily

Works with atomic swaps easily

Most devs in the crypto (Ethereum)

Easy claim tool, claims all UTXOs in an address at once

Great marketing. Hi there :)

Low fees. A bitcoinHEX transaction would only cost about 5 cents or less on 2/10/2018

Scaling solutions on the horizon. Vitalik Buterin has been publishing work on proof of stake and sharding which could reduce waste and increase transaction capacity greatly.

Great practice, especially if you've never experienced the largest crypto ecosystem and 2nd largest by marketcap.

Promotes free speech. You can transmit your commercial and economic energy that used to only exist in the Bitcoin language, in the Ethereum language. Widens your range of people you can trade with, speak tokens to.


Don't wait until the last minute to understand how all this works and get ready!
Be sure to use my referral if my post here helped bring you this knowledge.

Good luck! And thanks!


Equivalent post on Hyperspace :
Join me there!


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