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If you are looking for a way to earn Bitcoins by playing games and completing simple tasks then you must get yourself register on BitGames.io.  All you need to register yourself on the website and start earning the points which can be convert into Bitcoins.

How to earn money through BitGames.io

  There are several ways through which you can earn through BitGames.io. The summary of some of these ways to earn has been mentioned below:   

Play Games: This is the main way to earn Bitcoins. You have not need to do anything else than playing different games. This section has been divided into two different ways; free and premium. You can play free games once in an hour and money. There is no restriction for playing the game except you need to wait an hour until the next game active. The premium way required you to use your points but this removed the one-hour restriction which means that you can play it without playing any limitation.

Weekly Games: To give more chance to the users, the company is offering weekly game options to only limited users in which they will be able to pay games called Miner Mania and Miner Madness. You need to qualify for weekly games by earning maximum points each day. These games have more points as compare to the games you play on daily basis.The main difference between free and premium games is the commission you will earn. The premium games will allow you to earn more money as compare to free games except you need you deposit your money to activate them.  

Complete Tasks: The other way to earn Bitcoins through Bitgames.io is to complete different tasks which are available on the website. There is no limit to complete the tasks. You can complete as many as tasks you want. The number of tasks depends on the user type. For example, if you are a free user then you will see fewer tasks to complete and earn Bitcoins then the one who is a premium use. Some of the tasks have been only available for the premium users. We suggest you upgrade your membership once you earned enough amounts of points which can be converted into Bitcoins.

Types of tasks: The tasks which are available to complete comes in different verity. You can earn simply by completing interesting surveys, register to different websites and visit websites. Some offers allow you to earn more by sticking with the website for an assigned period. Remember that there are 200 offers available to complete. So, you have big chances to increase your income.   

Daily Bonus: Bitgames.io also award bonus on daily basis to its loyal users. To be a loyal user, you need to be in the leader board. This bonus is being given on daily basis which means that if you keep yourself in the list of the leader board, then you can earn extra money without doing anything.   

Referral: The referral program allows you to earn 10% on the earning of your referrals. The registration on the website is free. So, you can attract many users to increase your earning through the referral program.  


Unlike other websites through which you can earn Bitcoins, the policy of paying to the member of Bitgames.io is relatively soft. You do not need to wait for weeks or months to get your money. The website will pay you as soon as you reached to 0.001 Bitcoin in your account. This money can be withdrawn through Wallet Bitcoin and VegasCasino.io. By withdrawing money through VegasCasino.io, you will get 15% extra money as a bonus. 

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