Roger Ver weekly show: Bitcoin Cash News - Price Is Crashing?! How Do We Stop it? Economic Freedom Coming Soon?

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Bitcoin Price Is Crashing?! How Do We Stop it? Economic Freedom Coming Soon? Bitcoin Cash News - Official Channel
Published on Nov 25, 2018

Roger Ver and Daniel Kelman - Sunday, November 25th, 2018
Manilla, Philippines! - Weekly Bitcoin Roundup show!

0:40 - Majority of exchanges and industry leaders are associating ABC as Bitcoin (BCH). Including, though not limited to,, Bitpay, Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, CoinMarketCap (more are cited in the video).

1:35 - Shout-out to Jamie Redman (writer and journalist) at (

3:22 - "Johnny Bitcoin Cash" - Clydesdale horse sponsored by Bitcoin Cash -

5:35 - Spanish language -

6:20 - Badger wallet: supports both SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) and WHC (Wormhole Cash) and plans to support all other BCH token protocols. -

7:04: SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) employees should go and find honest work in the private sector.

8:22 - New open source & uncensorable social network powered by BCH. (Alternative to -

9:00 - Badger wallet (discussion continued) including discussion in regard to the significance of open source.

9:56 - Honorable, positive and diplomatic remarks by Roger Ver in regard to Calvin Ayre, BSV and associates:

"For the record, I think Calvin's been on the wrong side of things recently, but I like Calvin, Calvin is one heck of an entrepreneur. He gets things done, he replies so fast, he really makes things done. I would love to see him come back and support the best tool we have to bring more economic freedom to the world and that's Bitcoin Cash, and by Bitcoin Cash of course it's the ABC version. Because the SV version... I wish them good luck, but it doesn't have the network effect, it doesn't have all this stuff going for it, and probably the biggest drawback at this point is... I hate to be negative... I'm so optimistic about everything in my life... but the biggest drawback for SV is it has a particular negative personality associated with it driving it down, attacking people and just doing all sorts of stuff. I'll leave it at that. It doesn't make me happy to say not nice things about people. The community is so important and you have so many passionate and enthusiastic builders supporting the ABC version of Bitcoin Cash."

11:22 - ERC721 tokens now available on BCH. Example: CryptoBadgers (similar to CryptoKitties on ETH). Contact Gabriel Cardona for free tokens:

12:50 - BCHD Full Node and the Neutrino Wallet - (Roger also brings up Open Bazaar -

Lots more is discussed in the video:

BCH use in commerce, BCH merchant adoption, unjust laws & moral people breaking/ignoring those laws. Please watch the video for more! nandi bear luke

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The whole market is crashing, not only Bitcoin Cash. But it's true that without Bitcoin every coins lost a huge value like ETH, BCH or LTC. But I believe the bear market is common in crypto world as after end of the bear market we again enjoy bull. Maybe we need to wait 2-3 months or year but the bull will again coming. We need huge patience. Anyway thanks a lot sir @nandibear for discussing about the important topics.


You're welcome @msena and thank you for sharing your thoughts! I agree, patience! Please also keep en eye out for the return of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) giveaway (in the form of a contest)!

Yet another great video @nandibear. I enjoyed watching the conversation between Roger and his buddy. Seems like BCH is going places. I didn't know they had their own version of crypto kitties in form of badgers.
Also their new uncensored social media network is really amazing. From all the updates I see a bright future is on the horizon, hopefully the market will rebound soon.

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Hi good to see your comment @practicaleric! I'm glad you liked Roger's weekly Bitcoin roundup show. It's always packed with the latest and most helpful developments, news and perspective! I agree, I too see a bright future on the horizon! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!


You are welcome @nandibear and thank you for the many upvotes you gave to my latest posts. I just saw the notifications and I am really grateful for the support. Be blessed always 👍😁

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