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Welcome to @bitcoinadzclub this is just a short intro....

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There is so much good stuff coming over the next few months, We are now ready to accept advertising requests, advertisers will have the opportunity to advertise in various different way's with the opportunity for our followers and subscribers to purchase various different creative advertising packages and have the chance to earn and win prizes.


We will be featuring lot's of different styles of promotional content from Art to Fashion, Property & Real Estate, Travel & Experiences featuring Restaurants, Featured Event's, Press Release Articles and News Covering Health & Lifestyle, Featured promotional offers and much more.... As an advertiser you choose what you want our followers to see or preview and as a follower you have the chance to get rewarded for viewing adz. Commenting and leaving reviews.

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Welcome to Bitcoinadzclub on Steemit

This blog has been created to provide News, Reviews & Resources for Publishers, Promoters & Advertisers where we will cover some interesting developments and technology built on the blockchain for the purpose of Marketing & Advertising.

Bitcoinadzclub aims to provide information, tools and resources to make it easy for Publishers, Promoters & Advertisers to leverage the blockchain to maximise their results while also getting the best R.O.I. from their advertising budget.

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@paulnulty just launched a follow up video The Steemit Rewards Quest Part 1 for the new non profit initiative The Steemit Rewards Quest which launched on the 2nd of January 2019. The Quest is the first in a series of on going Quest's, This particular Quest is where participants have the opportunity to earn rewards while doing the stuff they normally do anyway but don't normally get rewarded for.

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Video Explainer What is The STORH Token

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