JM Bullion is now accepting Bitcoin

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Aloha to all you silver and gold HODLer fanatics and lovers of cryptos!!!! You are one of a kind who have made a decision to move right along on this evolutionary growth for a better world and a better populous! Well, I have one good news for ya. Ok, maybe only for a few people but that’s more than none.

Anyways, if you’re interested in buying some gold and silver with your bitcoin gains, then JM Bullion is accepting your orders. Yes, you can now buy gold and silver with that precious bitcoin.

IMHO, only if you have a lot of BTC to spare; why bother. Otherwise, HODL the heck out of your cryptos until the end of 2019 and beyong. But please do throw those fiats at cryptos and silvers like it’s a piece of nothingness. LOL, jk!


And as always, until we meet again, have a wonderful day.


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It is a good option to invest, buy gold and have it as an asset is always a good idea and if you buy at a good price, you have to follow up on this news and take the steps to invest wisely.
Greetings from Venezuela


Greetings from Honolulu, HI!!! I remembered selling some silvers....lots of it....just to buy some of my favorite cryptos. Now is the time to buy some back. Have a wonderful day @luisgfernandez

that medusa coin looks beautiful.. and aloha to you also 😊😊as you are a part of us HODL fanatics..


Damn straight!!! 😜 hehe