Migrating from USD to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies in my software business

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As a software developer with 20+ years of experience, I finally got around to reading the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper last February and have been using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since then. Like many others, I at first underestimated this technology. I nearly signed up for Coinbase back in summer 2015, but got distracted and forgot about it. Many people are still in this state of mind and have no idea what's about to happen.

In 2015 I was still obsessed with bringing Delphic Oracle from Windows only into a cross platform environment and this required me to completely redo about 400,000 lines of code in the VCL. Perhaps I had adequate excuse because finishing this project occupied nearly every waking thought. While there's always improvements that can be made, after this accomplishment I was finally able by the end of 2016 to start thinking about other ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 6.54.58 PM.png
(Delphic Oracle screen shot as see on my iMac)

Having studied the underlying technology using the Mastering Bitcoin text by Andreas Antonopoulos, I can see that the current financial system is obsolete and functions under paradigm that allows parasites at the top to engage in rent seeking behavior. Most people probably don't realize that from the lowest level to the highest levels, the excuses for centralization of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) no longer hold.

It's now technologically possible to completely decentralize PII so that hacks like the Equifax data breach are no longer possible. A Trezor Wallet can hold PII and retain biocryptics much more securely than any central database. This works by distributing risk and forcing hackers to hack 143 million devices to obtain 143 million records instead of hacking just one node for all those records. But also because devices like these are "cold storage" and not always connected to the internet.

Authority will come up with excuses to continue their panopticon. It will be a hard lesson for them to learn because their survival depends upon their not understanding the lesson. Surrender of authority is actually the key to security.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 7.00.30 PM.png
(Google Images - Wikimedia Commons)

All we've been doing these last several decades since the beginning of the world wars is trading terrorists wearing turbans and wielding guns and machetes for terrorists wearing business suits and wielding nukes. What stops terrorism is cost and unlimited money (the unending printing up of Federal Reserve notes as digital currency at the banks) is the main cause for the increase of violence. When you eliminate the ability to print up digits at will by a central authority, you cause authority to be held accountable to you to get what they want.

Since going off the gold standard, they've been doing this end-run around you trying to convince you that the vote is where your power is. That's no longer true. If you want to reclaim government accountability and force people like George W Bush to ask for $75,000 / person in the USA for the Iraq war, then use bitcoin. Instead what he did was raid Social Security to the tune of nearly 3 trillion dollars and stuck a big IOU in there. That's not accountability of elites in government. Instead that puts you back on the hook to fund it because if they don't collect more taxes, it becomes insolvent.

This is the main reason that I'm adopting crypto for my software business beside the fact that it's more natural for all IT businesses to do this anyway. It's time to get rid of government parasites. If you own a business, join me. Don't be on the wrong side of history.

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