Can you believe Bitcoin will cross 30000$ at the end of this year?

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

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No one can predict the price of crypto currencies accurately.

I think it’s very difficult that price will touch anywhere near 30K in 2018. 

Recent news like SEC decision and Google Bans Crypto Mining on Android Play Store will also play there role.

As currently BTC is moving around 7 K range. To reach BTC at 30K it has to multiply by almost 4 times which is very difficult at the movement. 

Another thing that more than half of the year has already passed and we have only left with 4 months.

Unless there are some abnormal positive announcements or news I see it very difficult to 30k in 2018. 

I am very hopeful that price will touch 30000 in 2019.

But in crypto we can't say anything for sure. 

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it is not impossible. so i am 51% for yes.