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Recently, it was announced that a new political party in Ukraine, constituted by some of the most famous bloggers in the country, will be financed only with cryptocurrencies. The Demorda or "Democratic Horde", in addition, will have an application to mine with which those who wish may collaborate.

The party, besides innovating with cryptocurrencies, proposes a political program totally out of the ordinary. Under the motto "serious ideas and funny faces", its founders consider that it is better to offer new and serious ideas between jokes than "fun" ideas with a serious face. But, in other terms (or "more serious" words), the ideology of the party is based on the principles of right-wing liberalism.

On its website, the leaders of Demorda allude to the need to be independent and to obtain money only from their followers, so they offer two options for collaboration. This is explained:

We chose two schemes to finance the game. Through direct donations to projects and by leasing their computing power (...) Direct project grants: this means that each project of the Horde can be supported by its funding. Then, now, we will discover which project is more successful.

For the exchange of computational power, which will undermine "orccoins", the party made available an application that must be downloaded and installed. From there, whoever wants it will be collaborating with that party without needing to put a single penny of their money. The orccoin will also be used to vote in the match.

Demorda pledged to only finance itself with cryptocurrencies and not accept money that comes otherwise, because among its priorities is to protect the interests of people and companies in the IT sector, as well as those of Ukrainian small and medium enterprises in other industries; ideals that are compatible with the crypto-world. Along with this, the "democratic horde" also seeks to weaken state control over the country's economy and expand civil liberties and even the legalization of cannabis.

In this way, the strategy of promotion and public relations can be summarized in "ruthless jokes" and the game with images of modern pop culture. The members, who call themselves "Orc Committee", are some famous Ukrainian bloggers, such as Yuri Gudimenko, Anton Shvets, Igor Shtedrin, Alexander Noinets and Victor Tregubov. They announced this Tuesday who would be the leaders and how the party is organized, headed by Igor Shchedrin as the "supreme leader of the battle."

However, it is clear that this party is still in its first steps politically, since according to them they require the recognition of many areas of the country, the signatures of thousands of people and a lot of money.

We have already seen some politicians who accept contributions in cryptocurrencies, but Demorda is perhaps the first party to propose a mining application and probably also the first to raise its programs, ideal and campaign from the jokes and a few references to the game The World of Warcraft. But it must be said that the country only established a regulatory position in the matter of cryptocurrencies.

It is also worth noting a similar case in Iceland, where the Pirate Party emerged due to social discontent. The aforementioned party is basically formed by anarchists, hackers, libertarians and, in general, anti-system people who seek the decentralization of power.

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