Report - Weekend is not so great.

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I just checked the chart of CryptoCurrency today no intention of making any post but I can't help it. The Top 30 are in red as of this time.

I guess many with this reaction.

Top 10 CryptoCurrency. The bitcoin is down 4.45 but still looking good at $2626, the same for Ethereum and Litecoin. The Stratis loss 9.24% at $7.57 per STRAT.

Top 20 CryptoCurrency. Golem loss 9.12 percent down to $0.613373 per GNT.

Top 30 CryptoCurrency. Factom loss 12.40% down to $30.05 per FCT.

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Appropriate reaction, imo.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yeah. I was about to go to bed with one last check.
Now, I have to monitor this changes tomorrow as well.

By the way, thank you and I voted up to express my gratitude of you replying to my post.

Cheers for now.
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Best time to buy?


Nah, wait 29. June then buy, and after 1. July sell. It's very common in economy that dollar drops before salaries are coming, so everybody gets less money than normally world wide... All currencies, including this cryptoshit are depending on value of the dollar.


Cool will keep that in mind mate thanks. Am very new n learn8ng about crypto world