What Happened After 3 & 5 July In INDIA

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Hallo Friends , According Title What happend on 3 &5 July when I think this thought , Then a dialogue of Bahubali film "katappa ne bahubali ko kyu mara " Capture in my mind & that same Condition of all Crypto Lover Of INDIA .PicsArt_06-30-10.57.30.jpg
In my think Court give us time for trade & Say to Govt. Regulate Bitcoin Becausethis is our right & gives through Article 19(1) (g) & 14 by Constitution .PicsArt_06-30-10.43.53.jpg The Article 14 ' Equality Before Law ' states that the state shall not deny any Person equality before the law or the equal potection of the laws within the territory of India .As per the Article 19 (1)(g) , all citizens shall have the right to practice any profession or to carry on any occuption , trade or business.
That reason I am Fearless & hold my coin.
And last " I support crypto , I love crypto"PicsArt_06-30-11.27.27-1.png

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that was hilarious ha ha ha..........

Bahubali crypto
New thinking

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hahaha good one

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done bhai

Love the Idea.. thoughtprocess behind it.. keep it up..

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bahubali crypto

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what an idea bahaubali is born bitcoin. ha ha ha......

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Hahaha cryptobali.

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Bahubali bitcoin ..hehehe ..

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Anyway photos are very funny!

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आपका ये अंदाज़ बहुत ही खूबसूरत है । bitcoin will be high .

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haha this is funny bahubali mix cryto

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That's a good news among the all other bad newses

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good work bro , nothing will change because banks get transactions, govt gst tax so who want to loose these only time being. I up vote u and hope u also do the same on every articals. thanks

Yes Bro But We All with Crypto.

Good post. Upvote done. Please do same