Why does crypto trader have to hold TGT Token of Twogap

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"Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own."

Have you ever wondered why crypto trader needs must hold TGT Token of Twogap? Well, here is why.

Cryptocurrency will never die, because it implements an incentive mechanism in us, which simulates nature’s survival mechanism.
However, the Crypto Market is stuck in a medium-sized trap.
Twogap’s goal is to help the Crypto Market exit the trap that it has found itself in, to enter a period of sustainable growth, and to reach a threshold of $1,000 billion in 18 months.
TGT Token will be the main catalyst in this process.

How exactly?

Twogap creates a bridge and liquidity to bring mainstream investment products, such as Cryptobonds, Cryptostocks, and Cryptogoods, from the Traditional Securities Market to the Crypto Market. After this, the flow will boast large institutional investors.
The Cross-Liquidity Protocol will initiate a Global Inter-Exchanges Connection, Traditional Securities Exchanges, and Crypto Exchanges, to provide strong liquidity for the entire Crypto Market.

What is Twogap and TGT Token?

Twogap’s connection solution system will be the foundation for the Global Exchanges Alliance.
TGT Token is a fuel: it is a means of implementing an incentive mechanism to flow in Cross-Liquidity systems, to promote all resources involved in building the system.
There is a need to immediately use TGT Token on a large scale. The main Liquidity Pool Nodes are exchanges that are required to own the TGT Token to pay membership fees to the Global Exchanges Alliance Members and to regulate the operation of each exchange on Twogap’s Cross-Liquidity system.
Warren Buffett has a saying about the stock market and investing in general, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”
No fomo, no fud. Nothing but action. Just do it. The future is now.

For more information, please visit our sites at https://twogap.com
And don’t forget to reach the news on https://twitter.com/twogap_official and send us your questions on https://www.facebook.com/twogapofficial

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