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With Litecoin being smaller and faster than Bitcoin it's been looming in the background waiting for its chance to replace the slower older more obsolete bitcoin... So it never been about if but more about when, and with the segwit split coming up its a better time then any right now.

To save futher loss on my investments Ive flip all my BTC and ETH to Litecoin till the storm pass's and would encourage others to do so right now...

As you can see out of the top 5 it the slowest moving down and if we all flip then w can make some gains and flip back to BTC after the split and buy back at a low low price


Well Ive done it and now we shall see if Ive made a good choice >>>>>>>>>>

Share it resteemit cause its happening now and everyone should know


Aren't they all going down at a similar rate?

We are just holding everything and waiting to see what happens after Aug 1 - it's all a guess

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Kind of but now LTC is going up up up ......

Yes - I had a look after your tip and it was looking better, but I'm hoping they will go up after Aug 1 when this Bitcoin bollocks comes to an end...fingers crossed

Well you nailed that!

We have 10 cryptos, and today 9 of them have gone down, but there was one exception!

What a difference 24 hours makes - today all 10 of our cryptos have gone up, and Litecoin has gone up the least!

total gambling!

It's and interesting move tuakanamorgan let's see what happen then. right now the Litecoin is coupled with the bitcoin and it`s price is 38.76 USD at this moment.

Yes and Bitcoin is down to $1861

I legitimately believe that LTC will surpass BTC at some point. Could be sooner than we think.

Im glad I flipped when I did, I just had a hunch and now my investment is going back up...for how long no one knows but Im not lossing Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.25.34 AM.png

it was never a matter of if but when ... Its a better time then any I say

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