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RE: Trading tips & coin of the month from a complete beginner & future millionaire 😉

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Still we are amazed at your commitment to STEEM and living off it for 9 months! Some good trading advice and we're just riding/HODLing. Obviously, it is not as exciting as when Sam first got his Bitcoin back in mid-November and saw the rise. However, this is the nature of the beast. Let it be.
Loving the t-shirt and will check out the website...might put in an order ourselves ;)


It hasn't always been peaches & cream but the steem did see us through ;)

Yes, it's a rocky road with crypto business with high highs and low lows. But when we are in for the long term, it does always seem to work itself out...

The T-shirts are great hey! To the MOOOOOOOONNNNNNN :)

Crypto life is just like normal life - highs and lows!