The Daily Dood - Tuesday September 11th 2018

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The Daily Dood for 9-11-18



Steem & SteemDollar


The Days Headlines

One of the World’s Wealthiest Football Clubs is Launching a Cryptocurrency

In First, FINRA Files Fraud Complaint Against Crypto Broker #HempCoin $THC

Stellar-backed IBM project in a wiry rivalry with Ripple -

Ripple, R3 Reach Settlement in Multibillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Lawsuit

Reasons For A Litecoin Amazon Deal -

IMF Warns Marshall Islands Not to Launch Own Cryptocurrency As Legal Tender

Malta Stock Exchange Signs MOU with Binance to Launch Security Tokens Trading Platform

Breaking: New York Judge Rules Securities Laws Can Apply to Cryptocurrencies

Ripple Development Update: Company releases ripple-lib version 1.0.0 -

Crypto Industry Leaders Establish Washington-Based Lobby Group

Bitcoin Dominance Eyes 60% as Ethereum Price Flounders

Technical & Fundamentals

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Still Some Selling Pressure Left?

Bitcoin [BTC] price won’t go up by 1000x but a 10x jump is viable says financial expert -

Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, EOS, Cardano, Monero Price Analysis: Sellers on Overdrive, But Stellar Lumens Gains Could Slow Price Erosion

XRP Price Analysis: As Long as Banks Adopt xRapid, XRP Will Always be under Pressure


Just got a heads up on this. The site is still in BETA with official release in October. There are a couple bugs they’re still working out. Great research portal …. Crypto Finance

Just updated the links directory on the site. I should have more links here shortly. Have a suggestion? Feel free to add it to the comments for consideration.

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An Instagram style website that pays users BELA tokens for liked images. The Dood’s having a blast on this site.

Minds is a Facebook style site that pays users in Ethereum tokens based on user activity and traffic to their posts.

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The End

The Daily Dood is a review of my daily Twitter feed and some of the interesting articles I find here on Steemit. If you're on Twitter hope you decide to join me here:

Also on Minds now too :

That's it for todays edition of The Daily Dood. If you found the information in this post useful I hope you decide to follow for the daily headlines and events happening in the altcoin & cryptocurrency space. Nothing here is meant as investment or financial advice. Please seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice, not some guy on the internets who refers to himself as The Dood. Thanks for reading and happy trading!

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