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When the world cup was going on there was an add which was shown in some European country related to cryptocurrency. The advt. was given by Hyundai Asset Digital Company (HADC) it was shown for 35 seconds and was viewed by millions of people around the world, and appreciated by many.

The advt. mainly mentions about the use of blockchain technology in our day today life. How we can connect all type of other technology under one roof.

CBOE (Chicago Board Option Exchange) has filed an application to SEC (security and exchange commission) for Bitcoin based exchange trade fund. SEC is now seeking opinion from people and then they will arrive at conclusion.

Benson Oak an Investment Bank in (Prague-Check Republic) has announced that it will raise funds around 100 million for blockchain technology mainly in Israel. So those want to go for startup in this sector can get funds.

A study conducted by Imperial College London says that Bitcoin will replace the traditional currency in ten years

London School of economics has introduced an online course on cryptocurrency and University Of Malta is also introducing course on blockchain.

I would request other countries who are not encouraging blockchain and cryptocurrrency to reconsider their decision, because we should all move with time and technology otherwise we will remain behind in the race.


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Very informative article. Bitcoin is future. No one can deny. It's just begining.