Latest Bitcoin Update: Bullish Or Bearish Reversal?

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

There are little bit confusion and fear going on with the market. Is the market going high or going low, upward or downward trend will follow? To answer these questions I always use to analyze the previous data, current chart pattern, current volume. Including them, I like to use some indicators to forecast the price movement like ADX and MACD. Take a look what they are indicating now.

ADX Indicator
The ADX indicator is a great way to determine when a price is trending. The +DMI is above the -DMI, it means prices are moving up.ADX is more than 25 and the actual value is 31, i.e. slightly strong uptrend is showing.

MACD Indicator
As shown in the chart above where I used one-day time frame, the MACD rises above the signal line, i.e. the indicator is giving a bullish signal, which suggests that the price of bitcoin is likely to experience upward momentum. Divergence or a dramatic rise have not been found.

Take a more intense look on it.
Summary: A bullish upward trend is expected within three days!
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Disclaimer:Everything written here is for discussion purpose only and should not be taken as advice to invest your capital.Always Speak with a professional financial planner or advisor before making any investment decision.Never make a trade based on what you see here.Your capital may be at risk in cryptocurrency trading.

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