Will Bitcoin end the downtrend this week?

in bitcoin •  5 months ago

If you follow the Bitcoin chart than you probably noticed that something interesting happened the last few days, a higher low was formed (green line).

If the price will pass the previous resistance at around 6837 USD, ideally with HIGH VOLUME, that would indicate the end of the current down trend and increases the probability for a sideward or ideally new Bitcoin Up-trend.

This is no financial advice, just an observation.


What do you think about the current chart. Do you agree or do you see another scenario?
Let me know in the comments.

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Interesting observation and i hope you are right. I havent however felt a real strength lately in the market and i think Bitcoin will drop atleast down to 4k before possibly go up again. But im happy if im wrong.


Yes the market was weak the last couple of weeks, maybe we are lucky and the trend reverses soon. I guess we will know if this observation was right or wrong after this week ;-)


Let’s hope for the best !

well seems like the downtrend may be finally over hopefully fingers crossed


Yes, lets see. Would be great if it works out.

Blackrock news influenced the bitcoin price , i think it will go up:)


Yes, that news probably gave some positive push to the price as well.

Thanks for your information.

Really so strange.. a big thanks for your kind information..

Good to go through this and in my opinion we can see some good uptrends because we can see that so much positives are coming into the Crypto Sphere and inturn these positives can encourage investors to invest in Crypto Sphere.

And after so much Red, for now we are watching green trend to some extent and let's hope that this will going to move towards more uptrend.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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Nice guide you shared with each step by step post thanks for sharing that :)

I think bull run is very near,
What you think about Bull run?