Bitcoin mass adoption! When!

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Bitcoin has nearly passed a decide since its inception in 2009 but the majority of people around the world don't even know about it. As a matter of fact majority of the people around the world haven't even heard about bitcoin. We know that a new technology takes some time to be mass adopted, but isn't 9 years enough time to know about a new technology? I think it is.
With that said, I believe that bitcoin should have had more fame and hype than it has at the moment. At least 50% of the people should have known about bitcoin and the technology behind it.
There were only a few digital assets during the early years of cryptocurrency and you could even know all the names in the list but suddenly there are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies and the ones which are in ico or preparing for the release of their product.
During the last December, people were crazy after bitcoin and the alts but slowly that interest faded away as the prices came down and nowadays not many people are active in the cryptocurrencies.
I personally feel that bitcoin will still need around 4-6 years to be mass adopted.

What do you think?
Do let me know your thoughts as well in the comments section.

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great post from a Kashmiri friend @syedumair.

I think when Bitcoin is operating in the background without people knowing they are using.


There was an official news aired on CNBC today. An experts say by 2024 will be into its full swing

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