BEWARE - Bitcoin Manipulation On Coinbase / GDAX

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I was trying to think of something to put into my 1st article when I stumbled across something that hopefully will save some people from being Scammed.

I have been trading on Coinbase / GDAX for 1 week. Fortunately I got in at the bottom of the crash !!

Over the past week I have been slowly building my knowledge on trading.

This evening things took a turn for the worse when the BTC/GBP market became locked in a stalemate for approximately 2 hours.

There was an offer on for 1904.00 in the sell section and another 1903.99 in the buy section. After this cleared the price skyrocketed.

Since writing this article it has now moved to the BTC/EUR and BTC/USD markets.

Please be aware as this does not feel legitimate and some kind of manipulation / scam is happening.

A few screenshots below. If it saves 1 person from losing to a Scam that is good enough for me.....

UPDATE: The Manipulation has resulted in a $100 difference between GDAX and the True market Bitcoin price on other Exchanges.

Scam 1.JPG

Scam 3.JPG

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Interesting! thanks for the heads up! Will be interesting to see if others have similar experiences.