Bitcoin Is And Will Ever Be King!

in bitcoin •  7 months ago


It's always a pleasure for me to see Bcash followers or the leaders themselves try to present their own coin as the real bitcoin. Whatever they do it just doesn't change the fact that Bitcoin is and will ever be the king.

I mean which coin did get the most attention from the media, wall street and tge masses. I think it wasn't bcash after all xD

But let's not be too mean to them. I mean after all BCH is a decent altcoin after all with some good specs. It's not Bitcoin though for sure!

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I agree BTC will be the dominant player, it has 10 years of trading history to back it up, this is something other projects simply can't claim.

bitcoin is now no1 crypto currency in now.. It will be top for next 20 years may be

Great BTC nice post.

But the one running the world is not bitcoin.

I can't see Bitcoin losing its edge in the crypto world but even if it did the worst case scenario is bitcoin becoming the new gold. The gold market is huge and it would be bigger if metals weren't purposefully being suppressed. I'm all in on bitcoin because its a sure fire winner.