Beautifully Manage your Cryptocurrency Portfolio for free with BitWorth. Gain a deeper understanding of your portfolio.

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There are few apps worthy of managing your cryptocurrency portfolio and believe me I have tried them all. Of all of the portfolio managers BitWorth is the most well designed and most comprehensive in its list of altcoins and supported exchanges. It is not as technical in its display of prices as say Blockfolio, but this allows you to get good overview of your accounts and for a more technical analysis you would likely use a computer anyways.


You can add more coins on BitWorth than I have been able to on Blockfolio. You can also see the prices from CoinMarketCap or CryptoCompare instead of an exchange which can be useful. And unlike other portfolio managers BitWorth is entirely free!

BitWorth has the ability to save your portfolios to a profile which can be saved to the cloud allowing you to upload your portfolio to multiple devices with relative ease.

A newly added chat function allows you to communicate with the developer directly as well as a community of crypto enthusiasts.


Combining the most useful parts of many different portfolios, BitWorth also allows you to see a Pie Chart of your current Holdings, giving you a great way to visualize your stakes in each crypto.


So give BitWorth a try, it is constantly getting updates and is currently the most attractive and streamlined portfolio experience. Easily add and subtract currency and track the profits and losses in one location.

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The pie-chart feature is great! Does it have API loading capability like Bituniverse? I will try it ...

I don't believe it currently does, But the Developer is working on adding more features as we speak. I will pass along the desire for the capability! It is a natural progression for the app so I assume it will only be a matter of time.

I could do with a free one, since coinstats want to charge me now. Ill take a look, thanks.

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