Steem Dollars (SBD) over USD 8.00

in bitcoin •  4 days ago

Steem Dollar (SBD) is getting unstoppable. They crossed USD 8 for some time....

I never thought it could ever happen.. But today it happened.... So SBD is not always equal to 1 USD.

Is this anomaly? Any comments?



Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Source: the-water-drops


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Yes, It is strange that SBD went so up.


It is probably due to uncertainties with Tether.

It is good time to buy more STEEM with SBD. So if someone has SBD, then, he should try to make good use of it.

One way to buy Bitcoin from SBD is to transfer it to Bittrex and then buy BTC... It is a good deal!


Thanks for this bit of info, I will keep this in mind for future reference.


Yes.. I will also keep this in mind for future reference. It is too late now.

Buying BTC at this price seems crazy. No one should buy BTC with SBD at this price...





Sorry, the tip is higher then your deposit.
You can check your balance by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: balance
(the minimal tip is 0.1 SBD)

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I am sorry. But this is very abnormal for SDB to worth 8-9 USD. How come above post be spam?


Not your post. The comment by @orges1 is spam.


Ok. Thanks.

I would love to see SBD even higher, it would probably make a lot of people happy especially being that many people are posting simply because they want to earn the bling. I hope to see it rise in the near future, and I wonder what would make that manifest? Any ideas?

I thought steem dollars have no value outside of the platform?


They do!

well done space-man!