A best form of becoming FUTURE BILLIONAIRE : Electroneum Minning

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As the world is emerging day by day, one or the other new technologies are coming to the market. In this 21st Century we now got the alternate for money(paper money) which is more secure and easy to carry as compared to the money. The alternate which I am talking about is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is very much popular among most of us as it came first and it is also known as the "Mother Of All Crypto Currencies".


Besides Bitcoins we have a lot of cryptocurrencies like Etherium, Dogecoins, Monero, Litecoin, Electroneum and many more. Today, in this article I am telling about the one of the most hyped cryptocurrency which gain so much popularity before it's launch only, YES!!! you gussed right today I gonna tell you about the one of the newest cryptocurrency in the coinmarket i.e ELECTRONEUM. Electrotroneum works on the same algorithm on which the Monero used to work earlier i.e Cryptonite Algoritm. It is easy to mine the coins based on cryptonite algorithm as compared to bitcoins because it consumes the less computation power as compared to SHA 256 Algorithm which is used behind the Bitcoins. We can use different types of mining tools like ASIC miners, dedicated cryptonite miners and Graphics Card of high computation power.

The Graphics Cards which a user can use to mine ELECTRONEUM to gain the maximum output with the least electricity consumption are:-

GTX 1080475 H/S
GTX 1080ti485 H/S
GTX 1060425 H/S
GTX 1070475 H/S
GTX 1060 GP 106550 H/S
RX 48028 MH/S
RX 570 4 GB28 MH/S
Sapphire RX 470 4 GB29 MH/S
MSI RX 470 4 GB28 MH/S
MSI RX 460 4 GB28 MH/S

So, the above table is showing the mining power of ELECTRONEUM by this you came to know which graphic card gives how much output.

Mining the coins is best and the cheapest way to collect the coins. Collect as much coin as you can before it touches its ATH (all time high) and you can definitely become a billionaire in near future by mining electroneum as there is lot of potential in it.

What is your call on Electroneum let me know in the comment section box below.


Nice post but when increase electronium rate.

It will be up in a bull run most probably in the DEC 2018.

It can be done quite well with bitcoin mining

i have been through mobile but very less result. Need to upgrade

@sonupatelsp good article , carry on, run fast

Great post keep growing

Very important information thanks for this