A Short Update From Social Send Project

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2020 has been bad for everyone. Starting with wildfire in Australia, Corona Virus pandemic, the stock market crash, cryptocurrency market crash, gold price crash and the oil prices and so on.
Keeping all these things aside, we, at Social Send, have been developing round the clock. We have been working even in this situation.

In this article, we are covering what we have accomplished in 2020 so far.

  1. Started with a partnership with mycointainer.com

  2. Integration of OK Cash in Social Send Platform together with exchange

  3. We got socialsend.crypto domain for decentralized application; similarly, socialsend.zil is live in IPFS

  4. Release of Social Send Roadmap

  5. Integration of FLITS in Social Send Platform together with exchange

  6. Integration of SEND coin in FLITS mobile wallet with one-click masternode

  7. Integration of Terra Coin in Social Send Platform together with exchange

  8. Listing of Social Send Exchange in CoinMarketCap

  9. Integration of StreamIT Coin in Social Send Platform together with exchange

  10. Release of DOGE trading pair in Social Send Exchange. Now users can trade with BTC, LTC, SEND and DOGE pair

  11. Release of NON-CUSTODIAL Masternode hosting at Social Send Platform with SEND, PIVX, DASH and ZENZO. Similarly, BTC, LTC, DOGE, PIVX, SEND and ZENZO accepted as payment.

  12. hosting_release.png

  13. Masternode Hosting at Social Send Platform12. Integration of Harcomia(HCA) in Social Send Platform together with exchange

  14. Integration of SEND coin in HCA mobile wallet with one-click masternode

  15. Bounties, airdrops and voting for listing.

  16. Updates in Social Send Platform including trollbox, Changelly updates and optimization

  17. The biggest Achievement is of 20K users in Social Send Platform.

  18. 20k .png

  19. More coins have been added in masternode hosting as below:

  • SYSCoin
  • ALQO
  • SCC
  • KYDC
  • And more are on the way.

Let us know about the project you want to integrate in our platform, feel free to share your feedback with us. Discord is the best place to get in touch with us: https://discord.com/invite/xJthHER.

Join our social channels:

Social SEND Platform: https://socialsend.net/
Social SEND Informational Website: https://socialsend.io/
Social SEND Discord: https://discord.gg/xJthHER/
Follow SEND Twitter: https://twitter.com/SocialSendCoin
SEND Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SocialSendCoin/
SEND Telegram: https://web.telegram.org/#/[email protected]
SEND Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/socialsendcoin/
SEND Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SocialSend/
SEND Medium: https://medium.com/social-send-official/


Good job, you’ve been working hard

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