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RE: The War On Bitcoin Is Proof Crypto Is Winning

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Actually, this war has existed from the beginning. It was only slightly alleviated with NYA (New York Agreement). The Bitcoin Unlimited team was making "Bitcoin Cash is Real Bitcoin" or "Bitcoin Cash Real Bitcoin" everywhere, organizing meetings with T-Shirts where this slogan was, and publishing full size photographs on social media. Roger Ver, who was shown as the leader of the Unlimited team, said Segwit2x would eventually be inadequate and that Bitcoin Cash would sooner or later find out how much of the 8MB block option it is.


Just a small correction/thing to remember here. Roger Ver is not the "leader" of Bitcoin Unlimited, ABC or Cash. He's simply an investor and advocate. The teams that contribute to BItcoin Cash are diverse and tend to consist of skilled developers.

Roger is great most of the time, but it's important to make that distinction currently when a lot of people try to make this or that person out to be the "monopolist" or "leader" of Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash.

so is this war has existed from the beginning

Digital currencies are the future
Whatever they do they will not be able to do anything

What is bitcoin unlimited team bro,I didn't hear about them.

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