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RE: Bitspark Switching to Bitshares for Remittances

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This is HUGE!
Bitshares is an exellent platform, one thing missing is VOLUME. With remittance providers like Bitspark adopting Bitshares volumes will rise and Bitshares will explode in popularity and increase volume even more sending Bitshares price to the moon.
I am buying more Bitshares.


BitShares is clearly one of the best crypto-platform, using centralized platform for decentralize crypto is strange.
Moreover BitShares DEX is not in beta version but real production !

Really ? There are visible bugs there. Also popular trading pairs are missing, like bitETH/bitUSD.
To me it looks very much like Demo version. No wonder there is no volume.

You should buy and sell bitshares. That will add to the volume. I am hoping that UI improvements make trading on the exchange more user-friendly.

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