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The $100 Bitconnect Challenge - 2nd Reinvestment & Sponsor Swap - Day 23 #227

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Yeah man. 1 BCC token when they were worth 199. I had profits from my first 9 days so it made a 210 loan which really helped me start rolling. At 120, reinvests take forever. I am upto 380 now with 14 bucks in BCC tokens. I'm buying some bitcoin tmro after work and plan to add my profits of late that are in token's already (~$20), some BTC from some OT at work (~$180) and a small Steem power down (~$25) and do a 210-230 loan tmro. With my total around $600 I'll be doing reinvests every other day and this GA should really begin to snowball. I want to get to $1000 by the new year but will be calling it and starting to pull some profit early next year just to ensure I make money even of things don't last.
As for EthConnect, I think you could def do really well with it. I am very tempted to throw some money at it as well but see that BitConnect is proven. I would rather put any money, at this point at least, towards getting my active investments with BitConnect up due to its potential to yield well for me next year.
Good luck, and I look forward to chatting more with you as we progress. I chat frequently on the East Coast Crypto discord server, but don't know many people I vole other than those guys.

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Yes, it is very slow at the minute having only $120. You can see on my top picture, i have blacked some bits out. They are from a separate $2k loan i started 9 days ago, i convert the daily interest from that into BCC. When my BCC is worth $2k, i plan to go 50/50 with invest/withdraw until either i are bitconnect dies. Money invested to me is money gone, if it is ever released, it will be reinvested. I plan to make my money from interest payments only.
Can not get onto ethconnect so i might hold back and see what happens over thenext few days. It's worth $100 i think.
Thanks for taking the time to write a great comment. I wish i had more of an upvote. I look forward to talking in the future.