Bitcoin 40k by the end of the year! A Teeka Tiwari Exclusive - part 1

in bitcoin •  4 months ago

Will mass adoption follow ETF and ICE? Will BTC hit 40 thousand USD by the end of the year? Well, this is the opinion of this "fella"... He does have some good points though...

Part 2 will come tomorrow, as its taking way to long to upload.

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40 K is looking a tough job but may go to 25k for sure to me

You just have to have faith that if it's going to go up, because last December it did, and this will not be the execption.

I do not know anything about it

Wow don’t make me have a heart attack 😂

$40k.... that’s just freaky! 😀 but let’s all believe! Everything follows btc asnof now, I wonder if mass adoption will sent bitcoin into the stratosphere and we will see many other altcoins fall.... Well, time will tell. Not very much time to be honest! 😀🚀