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Erik Voorhees on "Is Bitcoin the Future of Money?"

in bitcoin •  4 months ago

You are actually a good author or at least you were. In this post, the meaning was clear. There were no typos, no grammar mistakes that could be caught and I've read you before, it's normally good quality stuff.

But hey if you're just planning to do shitposting nowdays no problem, I'll just add you to my blacklist, unfollow and mute. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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You're just admitting what you wrote was an automated message.

Good riddance! I Don't want to read your bot's comment or have them on my thread.

Given what I know now, I wouldn't feel bad setting an auto-flag on your account's comments. Remember that next time you're bitching about a single flag on your spam comments.


We agree with your stance on Saragarmee's shenanigans.

We also feel your posting is a tad overrewarded, but that is unrelated.