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what's going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we

got another killer video for you guys
full of information today we're gonna be

talking about a big move potentially
coming to bigquery also be looking at

stellar Tron in tons of other news that
went on in the cryptocurrency space but

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before we get started
UFC 229 just finished kabhi vs mcgregor

this happened last night late last night
I believe it was like 12:30 a.m.

actually oh so like 12:30 today actually
sounds like you know if the fight was in

Vegas I'm on Eastern time either way I
was ruined for McGregor just because I

think he's super entertaining to watch
I like his fighting style personally a

lot more than khabees could be as more
of a wrestler I like to stand up

punching I think it looks a lot cool
it's just more fun to see but could be

did end up taking the win on that fight
so I want to ask you guys who were you

rooting for and what did you think of
the fight for those of you who did watch

her for those of you who watch the
highlight for anyone who follows the UFC

I want to know what your guys thoughts
are on that now let's get started with

some news first off Soulja Boy he raps
up how making a million off a big coin

so you guys can see what his exact
lyrics is

says money going up like the stock
market flipping big coins

I bought s10 Martin then blah blah blah
made a million off a Bitcoin right this

is pretty cool he invested pretty early
he made some money off a Bitcoin now was

this necessarily a good it was it did he
know this was gonna happen did he invest

knowing what he was investing in who
knows what happened but either way he

did put Bitcoin in his song which I
think isn't as big now as it was before

because nothing everyone has heard of
bit Crowley's it's more about

understanding what bitcoin is that most
people struggle with but still

congratulations to soldier boy who
managed to if this is correct who

managed to make a million off of Bitcoin
now this is pretty cool you creating a

politician once a 10-year tax holiday
for cryptocurrency businesses this is

not the first I've heard of this I've
heard already but few talks of a

potential X amount of years as a tax
holiday since so new since it's working

on the development obviously for the
businesses it'd be easier for them to be

able to work on the development to work
on everything if they were tax exempt

pretending if they had a tax holiday and
they only had to pay taxes starting in

ten years but why stop with businesses
why not you know have early investors as

a part of this right guys let me know
what you guys think in the comments down

below should we have a ten maybe fifteen
maybe twenty year tax holiday for

cryptocurrency that way all the trades
can go by tax-free all of the money we

make all the gains all that can be
tax-free and that sounds pretty good to

me why do I have a feeling I the IRS for
example is not gonna they're not gonna

be a huge fan maybe because there's a
lot of money involved and they're gonna

be missing out on a ton but either way
let me know what you guys think of the

ten a year tax holiday definitely
something I think would be cool to see

as an investor who's made a decent
amount of money with bitcoin and in

cryptocurrency as a whole they'd be nice
to see a little bit of a tax holiday now

Bitcoin daily charts now this article
isn't specifically uh it doesn't

specifically cover what I want to talk
about but it does say that charts signal

suggests big price move coming I don't
want to go into what charge signal these

guys using or what it is but either way
as you guys know bitcoin has been kind

of trading sideways very very long P
time right here as you guys can see very

very boring if we look at if we took
able to zoom out of the one year that's

that load so we see we've had like these
ups and downs right we've had these

waves which have been fantastic for
trading day trading everything works

great in the volatility when we zoom in
we can see that the last month or so

it's been trading relatively sideways
which is no fun but that does bring me

to believe and I know a lot of other
traders a lot of other cryptocurrency

people are saying the same that this
looks like a build up for a big move

eventually we are going to have to break
up or down bitcoins not going to be

trading at this level for the rest of
its existence that's just not going to

be the case everyone is gearing I know a
lot of people gone board with it but

that's the scary part you must always be
attentive when it comes to trading you

know in your investments because if you
get bored that's when something's gonna

happen and you're not gonna be ready to
capitalize and yet just capitalize on

the opportunity that's going to be
presented either way like I said trading

sideways people are expecting volumes
low everything up in volume for a lot of

cryptocurrency very low right now even
XRP volume has dropped a lot and the

breakout could occur either up or down
obviously right now I have updated the

trade alert group with the technical
analysis showing what are the

possibilities and which one is more
likely I saw a tweet that did cover

pretty well why why going up I believe
is has the higher upper higher

probability as of right now then going
down now obviously that could still

change there's still a lot to go on in
the market first one being though the

first thing I believe that I'm gonna add
on to this is the fact that everyone is

so bearish it as we've seen with any
form of stock market in crypto market

any form of investment when everyone is
bullish things go down and when everyone

is bearish things go up it always goes
against the sentiment of the general

public so if everyone's bearish well
that's already a good indication that it

might be getting a little bullish but
aside from that there's just a lot of

things that are likely to happen or a
lot of positives coming to

cryptocurrency one obviously being the
ETF which is probably not going to

happen 2018 but they do expect it to

in q1 2019 then we have backed we have
the coin based big goal custody we have

citigroup goldman custody we have the
eros ex thirty billion dollar Ameritrade

BTC aetherium futures and crypto bank in
swiss by you UBS executives so guys

there is a lot of good news going on the
market for cryptocurrency there's a lot

of good news for Bitcoin thing is people
are focusing too much on the short term

again what I've mentioned in several
other videos people are focusing too

much other short term people are getting
bored by the fact that you know we might

have had a month of not much going on
that's gonna change eventually and for

those who got bored and turned their
heads and you know kind of forgot about

it after a month which is a short period
time have forgot about it after a month

they will miss out on the opportunities
that will be provided when the

volatility does come backs like I said
it's going to happen a lot of people are

expecting a big move in either direction
as of right now I'm thinking 60 40 %

it's looking like we were going to be
going up but again that could change at

any moment the only way I'm gonna be
able to update people is through the

trailer group on what I believe is going
to happen but if we look at the overall

market cap 216 billion dollars and a
fifty two point five percent Bitcoin

dominance so again not a whole lot of
epic I'm saying the same thing over and

over again very very small gains and
losses the exception of few crypto

currencies boro boro just just very very
small gains and losses the number one

being Noah Cowan still doing well
private coin coming in with a pom

Pelotonia mazwell and tron one we're
going to talk about in just a little bit

but shortly after maybe after 20 or 2025
cryptocurrency we have a majority in the

red but again guys look at that these
are some very very small losses not

something that I take too seriously in
terms of the markets up or down overall

in terms of market cap we've remained
fairly stagnant for the longest for the

last longest period of time so no fun
again you guys can see by the chart the

one week has just been pretty much
sideways we had one little exception

over here but even that wasn't anything
major it was just more major than what

we've been having going on right here
which is fluctuating between like you

know plus/minus $50 now Stiller actually
had some good news

stellar continuing to grow more and more
adoption very very happy to see the

progress here one that I've been talking
about for a while now and one that I've

been invested in for a while now they
actually they actually partnered with

global real estate giant salubrious a
giant embraces stellar network stella

lumens has been able to build some
pioneering partnerships with global

companies that capitalize on the
benefits of the stellar ecosystem

recently a real estate giant embraced
blockchain and joined stellar network so

these type of things are cool so partner
with Coley Aires colleague aren't exact

I pronounce that international it's a
global company with offices in over 69

countries this is pretty cool again some
big partnerships coming up nothing that

affected the price directly right now
Castellers still in the red minus one

percent pretty much nothing a very very
small thing happening today but it's

something that could could cause
significant price movement it could

cause significant gains moving forward
when all these partnerships come into

effect and everything starts to happen
people start to have matin we start to

see mass adoption for stellar so stellar
is still a very very good one best place

to pick it up if you guys haven't
already is Finance which if you don't

have an account for again don't know
what you're doing but there is a link in

the description for bayonets which is my
favorite exchange but yeah I have some

stellar I've invested seller and I'm
going to be holding stellar way past

what I believe is the all-time high
right now

over 80 cents I wanna be holding it way
past X I think there is a lot of

potential there similar to X R P I think
as an investment lots of potential to

make some money there now Tron also is
up 8.75% see if it cool down hope it

went up even more ten point two six
percent could it be because of Justin's

son's tweet where he tweeted saying that
Tron is aim is going to be in the top

ten in the next six months gonna surge
into the top ten next to six months that

is what Justin sunset so he he recently
did an interview with investopedia say

that he believes it's going to break
into the top 10 it is number 11 right

now so it's not like it's far off to
break into the top ten in six months

it's a pretty conservative prediction
considering everything else we've heard

Justin son say or just any other
prediction we've heard in the career

to currency market these days brag of
moving one spot in the next six months I

can see it being possible I'm not gonna
lie I could see it being possible so you

said they're aiming to complete one of
our key milestones in the fourth quarter

to combine Tron and BitTorrent and
creating a unique and outstanding

product we will leverage Tron's
blockchain expertise to enhance and to

enhance the decentralized BitTorrent
protocol which has over a hundred

million monthly active users so that's
his plan against sounded pretty cool

apparently that is what's causing the
catalyst for the price right now and

Tron is having a little bit of a run but
now let's do the Bitcoin giveaway before

we end the video guys I picked the long
term Bitcoin price prediction video just

because I thought this is a very
important one for everyone to watch and

just put into perspective how everything
is looking in the long run so let's pick.

image source link!+(CRYPTOCURRENCY+PRICE+%2B+DAY+TRADING+%2B+NEWS+2018)&rlz=1C1CHNY_enPK809PK809&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiatYq8ifvdAhWkNOwKHZOQAucQ_AUIECgD&biw=1024&bih=577#imgrc=U_t0zZrP89dPLM:

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