Will crypto ever come back?

in #bitcoinlast year

Crypto exchanges are shutting down left and right .
Total market cap down to 100 Billion

Bitcoin below 3500 , steem in its journey to 10 cents!!! What else could go wrong!!!

But keep in mind that only crypto is down, block chain is alive and well. Infact there are more projects than ever , more people working on it than ever and more companies are working on it.
So at some point it should all come back


Of course it will come back! But there will be a lot of projects that are left in the dust. I'm keeping my eye on the big players. I have high hopes for Bitcoin as a store of value, BCH and Litecoin as payment networks, and ETH and EOS as Dapp networks.

I am currently exploring ways to run a business entirely on blockchain without the use of a traditional financial system. If you have any experience with this, would you mind leaving a comment on my latest block post? it's much appreciated.


Calling @originalworks :)
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